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Expanding area in Ablah Library to explore, create, and learn about digital production and innovation.

Multi OS Zone

The Multi OS Zone is equipped with 8 machines which support multiple virtual machines of multiple platforms. The Multi OS Zone gives users an opportunity to learn and work with different operating systems. The features available in this zone are listed below:

  1. The users will be able to use Linux and different versions of Windows simultaneously on the same machine.

  2. The base operating system is based on Windows 7 with basic features like Microsoft Office 2013.

  3. A user can ask for a customized PC with a special request, consisting of software that he or she requires to work with. (Ask at the C-Space Help Desk.)
  4. The users will be able to use and experience PC Virtualization.
  5. Operating Systems Available: Linux Ubuntu, Linux Ubuntu 1, Windows 7, Windows 7.1, Windows 7.2, Windows 7.3, Windows 7.4
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