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Staff Directory

Staff Directory A-Z

Allen, Laurie Library Assistant 978-5786
Basquez, Connie Library Assistant 978-5014
Baldwin, Sara Library Assistant 978-5110
Bowen, Aaron
Assistant Professor and Instruction and Research Services Librarian 978-5077
Butts, Sara Library Assistant 978-5017
Caldwell, Anthony Technology Support Analyst 978-5678
Corbin, George Library Assistant 978-5254
Crane, Rachel
Associate Professor and Music and Fine Arts Librarian 978-5078
Delker, Kathy Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Library Instructional Services 978-6331
Deyoe, Nancy Assistant Dean for Technical Services 978-5140
Diaz, Diane Library Assistant 978-5790
Downes, Kathy Dean of University Libraries 978-3586
Filbert, Nathan
Instruction and Research Services Support 978-5210
Hoglund, Marlene Library Assistant 978-5114

Jackson, Cynorra

Access Services Manager 978-5115
Kuhlmann, Meghann
Assistant Professor and Instruction and Research Services Librarian 978-5075
Lewis, Judy Library Assistant 978-3737
Mapel, Rachel Senior Administrative Assistant 978-5121
Matveyeva, Susan Associate Professor & Catalog & Institutional Repository Librarian 978-5139
Mirasol, Jessica Curator of Special Collections and University Archivist and Assistant Professor 978-3590
McGrath, Carrye Business & Resource Sharing Manager 978-5118
Moore-Jansen, Cathy
Coordinator of Collection Development and Associate Professor 978-5080
Munson, Amanda Processing Archivist 978-3590
Myers, Nan Associate Professor Emeritus 978-5130
Nelson, Mary Program Consultant 978-3590
O'Reilly, Faye Assistant Professor and Digital Resources Librarian 978-6442
Oswald, Sandy Library Assistant 978-5789
Paul, Angela
Assistant Instructor and Temporary Reference Librarian 978-5084
Petersen, Alisha Circulation Supervisor 978-5115
Ramirez, Cathy Library Assistant 978-3029
Robertson, Jack Library Assistant 978-5132
Sauls, Stephanie Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries 978-5120
Sherwood, Betty Library Assistant - Borrowing 978-5128
Stewart, John Stacks Supervisor 978-5111
Thompson, Grant Institutional Repository and Digital Support Specialist 978-5785
Unruh, Kelsey Research Services Support 978-5071
Usmani, Muhammad Aamir
Director of Library Technologies 978-5131
Versch, Stephanie Library Assistant 978-5133
Walker, Lizzy
Assistant Professor and Metadata and Digital Initiatives Librarian 978-5138
Walker, Mary
Associate Professor and Electronic Resources Librarian 978-5792
Weber, Doug Library Assistant 978-5135
Williams, Ginger Associate Dean for Academic Engagement and Publice Services 978-5070
Willis, Samuel
Assistant Professorand Technology Development Librarian 978-5104
Wilson, Joan Library Assistant 978-5136
Wirths, Mary Library Assistant - Lending 978-5127
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