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WSU Libraries Instruction Program

Provides more information for Wichita State University teaching faculty and instructors about critical thinking, information and digital literacies, and library instruction.

Information Literacy at WSU

Information Literacy Defined

Information literacy is essential to the success of learners in the 21st century, and is the basis of lifelong learning. The information, visual, media, and digital literacy concepts at the center of the University Libraries’ Instruction Program will provide students with the skills they need to become successful critical thinkers, effective communicators, and productive citizens. The basic tenants of information literacy include the skills needed to:

  • Find Information Appropriate to a Need
  • Critical Evaluate and Incorporate Information
  • Utilize Appropriate Information Technology
  • Ethically Use Information

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College Specific Information Literacy Projects

Introduction to Library Research course

LASI 170: Introduction to Library Research is a one credit hour, 8 week course designed to stengthen students' information literacy and research skills. LASI 170 is offered both online and in-person. 

Course Description and Objectives

This course focuses on each step in the research process, with an emphasis on identifying appropriate sources and critically analyzing information in order to apply it to a research topic. Assignments will take students through the steps of preparing a research paper or project including refining a topic, selecting a variety of appropriate sources, and organizing information. The concepts taught in LASI 170 are meant to be transferable and used across disciplines. In order to more thoroughly practice the concepts taught in class, students are encouraged to use topics from research papers in their other classes for assignments in LASI 170.

Click the link below for student learning outcomes and a sample syllabus.