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Technical Services

This guide lists all Technical Services faculty and staff and provides details of their work and contact information.


The mission in Technical Services at University Libraries is to acquire, organize, process, preserve, and provide access to recorded knowledge and information in various formats in the most efficient and effective ways possible to support the University's curriculum and research; to work cooperatively with other library units to provide the best library services possible for the users, and to follow and support national standards and practice in organizing learning resources and to contribute bibliographic records that can be accessed by a larger community.

Technical Services - Administration

Deyoe, Nancy Assistant Dean for Technical Services 978-5140

Technical Services - Digital Resources Acquisition

Walker, Mary

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Digital Resources Acquisition 978-5792
O'Reilly, Faye Assistant Professor and Digital Resources Librarian 978-6442
Robertson, Jack Library Assistant 978-5132
Versch, Stephanie Library Assistant 978-5133
Weber, Doug Library Assistant 978-5135
Wilson, Joan Library Assistant 978-5136

Technical Services - Metadata

Allen, Laurie Library Assistant 978-5786
Basquez, Connie Library Assistant 978-5014
Corbin, George Library Assistant 978-5254
Diaz, Diane Library Assistant 978-5790
Lewis, Judy Library Assistant 978-3737
Oswald, Sandy Library Assistant 978-5789
Walker, Lizzy
Assistant Professor and Metadata and Digital Initiatives Librarian 978-5138

Technical Services - Institutional Repository

Matveyeva, Susan Associate Professor & Catalog & Institutional Repository Librarian 978-5139
Thompson, Grant Institutional Repository and Digital Support Specialist 978-5785
Wichita State University Libraries, 1845 Fairmount, Wichita, KS 67260-0068 | Phone: (316) 978-3481 |